French bulldogs are some of the most amazing dogs you can get. They’re loveable, perfect for owners who can’t keep up with the physical demands of bigger breeds, and they’re adorable. However, there are two main issues. 

First, they’re not cheap, and there are some common health problems that they can suffer from. 

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money and time adopting a new member into your family and then deal with lots of stress from health issues you can’t seem to avoid or deal with. 

To help, we’re going to go over some French bulldog health tips to make sure you have an amazing experience and a healthy dog.

Let’s get started!


French Bulldog Common Health Issues


First, let’s talk about some of the most common health problems French bulldogs suffer from and what you can do to resolve them or avoid them. 


1: Obesity


French bulldogs aren’t overly active, and they tend to get a little chunky. While they can be adorable with some extra fat on them, it’s not good for their health, and it can lead to your French bulldog passing away much sooner than you’d expect. 

French bulldog common health problems - obesity.

To avoid this, it’s best to do the same thing you do for yourself. Ensure that your bulldog gets a good amount of exercise every day without over-exerting them or having them do things their bodies aren’t built for, and pay close attention to their diet. 

High-quality dog food used in the right amount, while ensuring that treats are also healthy and wholesome, will help you regulate your bulldog’s weight and prevent this issue considerably


2: Breathing Problems 


Many French bulldogs develop breathing problems, and unfortunately, they can stem from a variety of causes. 

Much like us humans, one of the causes your bulldog might suffer from breathing issues is obesity. Obesity makes every part of the body work harder, and that includes the respiratory system. Following the tips we gave in the previous section will help a lot in this case.

Another issue can be blocked nasal airways. If the airways are partially blocked, air can’t get through properly, and your dog won’t breathe like it should. This is a more complicated issue to deal with, but immediately taking your dog to the vet can get the problem taken care of in no time


3: Spinal Issues


Spinal issues are also common. This is part of the French bulldog’s unique skeletal structure, and it is a difficult issue to avoid. 

There are three things you can do to help with this problem. 

First, avoid obesity. Obesity is tied to several of the other ailments on this list, and it’s the easiest to prevent. 

Second, do your best not to let the bulldog do things that can injure its spine. They’re not exactly built to be athletic dogs, and things such as jumping from elevated heights, letting children attempt to ride them, or having them carry weight in the form of dog bags can all lead to the development of spinal issues.

French bulldog common health problems - spinal issues.

Finally, pay attention to the warning signs that your dog is developing a spinal issue. It’s a lot easier to treat the problem or solve it completely if you catch it early. If you let it develop to the point it’s debilitating, it might be too late to do anything about it except relieve the pain. 


4: Dangerous Birthing Habits


Unfortunately, French bulldogs tend to have issues giving birth. This is partially why they’re so expensive. French bulldogs should only have one litter. This means that female dogs can only produce a few offspring, and then responsible breeders have to find another female breed. 

Just like breeders, the best thing you can do is either avoid breeding your bulldog at all, or you can limit her to one litter and then have her fixed. 

While the prospect of having lots of beautiful French bulldogs is great, or enjoying the profitability of joining the breeding world might seem attractive, it’s simply not worth it, and it’s not worth risking your dog’s health


5: Dermatitis 


Dermatitis is when your dog’s skin gets dried out and itchy. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for the dog to deal with, and it can have a dramatic effect on their mood

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to prevent. If you notice dermatitis issues, you need to change your dog’s diet to something healthier, and you need to focus on your grooming habits more.

This will help it clear up, and your loveable French bulldog can live its life happy, comfortable, and full of energy. 


6: Skinfold Infections


Those adorable skinfolds that make French bulldogs so cute are also a big problem sometimes. Infections can develop between them, and if that happens, your dog is going to have a rough time. If it’s allowed to get out of control, the infection can even be life-threatening

The best way to avoid this is to practice the best grooming and hygiene techniques possible, make sure you get between their folds, and minimize other health problems. 

If an infection does occur, make sure you immediately get a vet’s help to get rid of the infection.


How to Get the Best Chance of Avoiding Health Issues


Those are just the common health problems that French bulldogs can face. In some instances, they can suffer from a variety of other issues from birth or later in life. 

The best way to ensure your dog is as healthy as they can be is to start by buying puppies from the right breeder.

There’s a right way to breed French bulldogs and minimize potential health issues, and there’s a wrong way. 

Things to avoid include prices that are too good to be true, a lack of medical paperwork, facilities that aren’t clean or reminiscent of the optimal dog habitat you’d expect, and even the lack of bloodline paperwork. 

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At Philly Frenchy, we put the dog’s health first, treat it exactly as we would our pets, and put in extra work to not only ensure your dog meets all the standards we listed above but to also help the dog form a positive temperament. 

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