Getting a French bulldog is an amazing experience. They’re truly some of the most unique dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of interacting with. However, they do have some unique requirements that new owners might miss, and the consequences aren’t good for you or the dog.

Today, we’re going to go over all the French bulldog puppy care tips a new French bulldog owner needs to know to ensure that your new relationship is a healthy and happy one.

Let’s get started.


1: Prepare a Living Space for the Dog

You’re excited. You just found the perfect listing for the perfect French bulldog, and you’re rushing out the door to buy a Frenchie as soon as you can. Where is it going to live?

Of course, it’s going to live in your home, but a lot of new French bulldog owners miss this crucial step. In fact, most new pet owners miss this step.

The transition from the breeder’s facility to your home will go much smoother if you already have a place that is set up for the dog to call home. You don’t want to introduce the dog to a brand new home with tons of space and nothing is truly a safe space for the dog specifically.

Before you bring the dog home, make sure you set up a place that is the dog’s own little home. You’ll want to have a bed, some comfort items such as toys and plushies, and other things that a dog wants to have in general.

While the dog isn’t used to the space, it will serve as a great “home base” when the dog first arrives, and they’ll slowly start to get more comfortable with the rest of the home.


2: Give the Dog Tons of Attention

French bulldogs love attention and a calm atmosphere. When you first get your new dog home, make sure to be there for it and be its buddy. The dog is in a new place, its entire life has just been torn away from it, and it’s all very stressful. A good friend who can just hang out and show some affection will help with the transition considerably.

Of course, every dog has a different personality. So, make sure you’re paying attention to the dog and what it wants, and change your behavior accordingly. This is a great time to bond.

French Bulldog puppy care - spending time with your dog

One thing we highly recommend is making sure you bring the dog home when you’re going to have a day or two away from work. The worst thing you can do is get your new dog, bring them home, and scurry off to work for 9 hours while they’re left to wonder where they are and why.


3: Get Insurance

Unfortunately, while French bulldogs are adorable, they can suffer from various unique health issues, and you might end up with costly vet bills at some point. This is mitigated by going to a proper breeder and purchasing a dog with a great family medical history, but you can never be certain.

Taking out an insurance policy on the dog can protect you and the dog in the future. If anything happens, you know you can go to the vet and get proper care.

Hopefully, you pay your premiums every month and feel like you’re wasting money, because not having insurance and a medical emergency occurring is far worse financially, emotionally, and even physically in the dog’s case.

Insurance policies aren’t even that expensive for dogs. So, it’s a worthwhile investment.


4: Get Your Yard Ready

One good thing about French bulldogs is that they don’t have extreme physical demands. They’re pretty chill dogs and love to be lazy in between spurts of playtime. However, they still need exercise like everyone else, and you need to have a space where they can do that.

If you have a yard, a big French Bulldog puppy care tip is to get it ready for a dog.

The most obvious step to do this is to fence the yard in. After all, that provides the most freedom to the dog without letting it run off to never be seen again. However, consider other factors.

We recommend getting a water system for the dog to be able to get water at all times, ensure that the dog has toys to play with, and get rid of anything that can potentially harm the dog.

This is crucial. Daily exercise can help prevent some of the health issues that French bulldogs sometimes suffer from, and the best way to do it is to create an outdoor environment with plenty of space for your new family members to run and enjoy themselves.


5: Take Crate Training Slowly

Crate training is essential. You can’t possibly monitor a puppy 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but if you just toss them in a crate and walk away for a long time, you can cause serious emotional distress in the animal.

Instead, start crate training slowly. Leave your pet in the crate for a few minutes with you in view, and slowly start to back away and leave them on their own for longer periods.

French Bulldog puppy care - crate training

Obviously, a crate is not suitable for long-term periods, but it can be useful, and taking this route will make it a lot easier to transition to necessary crate times when it’s required.


6: Socialize, Socialize, Socialize

We cannot say it enough. You need to socialize with your dog early. This is true for any breed. Bring your dog around people, other dogs, other animals, children, etc. French bulldogs aren’t the type of dogs that run around getting into everyone’s business, but they’re still living, breathing, creatures. You can’t have them live an isolated life, and then suddenly expect good behavior when you have a guest over.

Take the time to socialize your dog properly when they’re young, and you’ll have a much better time as they age.


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