French bulldogs are some of the best dogs to get as family pets or solo companions. They have great temperaments, an adorable appearance, and tend to be playful pals that everybody will love. 

However, like any pet, you need to make sure you’re putting the most effort possible into choosing your French bulldog to ensure it’s a good match for your family. 

Here, we share 10 expert tips that will help you choose a french bulldog for yourself.

Let’s get right into it!


1: A High-Quality and Reputable Breeder

First and foremost when buying a Frenchie is to make sure they come from a reputable, licensed, breeder who is proven to care about the animals they’re raising. 

While all dogs do deserve good treatment, it’s an unfortunate fact that there are breeders who don’t put the dog’s best interest first. 

This is not only a moral issue, but it leads to a lot of problems for you as an owner when the dog grows. Whether that means the dog is unhealthy and needs constant costly care, or the dog might even be aggressive, the breeder you choose makes a big difference. 


2: Health Background

French bulldogs are adorable, but many tend to have health issues in their bloodline. These things aren’t always noticeable at birth or even when the dog is young, Symptoms of major health issues might not show until years into your relationship with the dog. 

A proper breeder will not only be able to show you the dog’s medical background before you commit to a purchase, but they also put the utmost effort into healthy breeding habits that mitigate the likelihood of health issues

How to choose a French bulldog - health background check

This is the best possible situation for you and the dog. Not only does the dog live a longer, healthier, more comfortable life, but you get benefits, too. You’ll spend less money on care with fewer emergency vet visits, you won’t be stressed out by serious health issues affecting your companion, and you’ll enjoy a better overall pet owner experience. 


3: Socialization is Key as a Puppy

This one is critical if you have a family or the dog will otherwise be around new people often, but it’s a great trait for any dog to have regardless of your situation. 

French bulldogs need to be socialized practically from birth, and the socialization process needs to be handled appropriately. 

This ensures that your new dog won’t be aggressive, afraid of people, or overly anxious when new people are around. All of those behavioral traits can harm your experience as a French bulldog owner, and the only way to avoid them is to get a puppy properly socialized from birth. 


4: Color Patterns

This isn’t what we’d call a priority. If you find a dog that is the perfect match for your family but happens to be a different color pattern than you expected, it’s better to go with the perfect furry buddy than it is focused on fur patterns. However, having various options to choose from does help you as a soon-to-be French bulldog owner. 

Some breeders don’t have many partners to handle the breeding process with, and they end up with dogs of limited color variety. Choose a breeder that offers a wide variety to find that perfect color pattern you’ve been excited for in a dog. 


5: Avoid Low Prices

Pure-bred French bulldogs are not cheap. They can cost a couple thousand dollars depending on color rarity, medical history, etc. 

If you’re looking for a pure French bulldog and see a price below $2000, you need to be extremely cautious. The dog is likely bred by an inexperienced breeder, part of a puppy mill, or the breeder knows something wasn’t done right. 

Abnormally low-priced French bulldogs are likely to come with countless issues, such as medical problems, temperament issues, a lack of shots, and various other problems. While everyone wants a good deal, remember that this is essentially buying a new family member. A fair deal is great, but don’t be cheap. 


6: Shots and Medical Requirements are Fulfilled

Always make sure that the dog you’re buying has all its appropriate shots, a trackable medical history from both parents, a clean bill of health as certified by a proper veterinarian, and any other medical requirements. 

These are basic beginning-of-life steps to take for a dog, and if the breeder isn’t taking care of these steps, then they likely aren’t doing the more time-consuming and costly things such as dedicating manhours to socializing them, feeding them high-quality food, giving them plenty of space, etc. 


7: Microchips

This might not be a necessity such as proper medical care, but you should look for a breeder that gets their puppies microchipped before putting them up for sale.


How to choose a French bulldog - looking for a microchip

Not only is any dog you buy a new member of your family, but a French bulldog is a hefty investment, as well. A microchip will protect it against theft, getting lost, etc.


8: Check Medical Condition Yourself

A reputable breeder’s promise and accompanying paperwork where practical are great signs that you’re buying a good dog, but you should do a basic check yourself. Look for excess skin in the mouth, signs of blindness or deafness, “cherry eye”, spine alignment issues, etc. 

These are all things you can spot on your own, and while you likely won’t find anything if you’re dealing with a reputable breeder, it helps to know you put in your due diligence. 


9: Number of Litters the Mother Has Had

You want to buy a French bulldog puppy that comes from a mother on its first litter. Some breeders will overbreed their dogs, and that leads to increased chances of health problems.

Ask the breeder how many litters the mother has had before you buy the dog. 


10: How Well the Dog Reacts to Your Family

All the technical stuff is already listed, but this is just as important. You’re bringing in a new member of your family, and it’ll be a part of your family for years to come.

You should make sure you and your family meet the dog and get along before committing. This makes the transition easier on you and the dog, and it ensures you’ll have many great years of happiness ahead of you.


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