Puppy Deposit




Submit a Deposit for your new puppy!

Deposit For Your French Bulldog Puppy – Please remember the name of the puppy you’d like to put a deposit on for the checkout process.

Puppy comes with all up to date shots, deworming and microchipping. There is also a 90 day 100% major health issue return policy which is standard on all puppies. Warranty covers congenital and genetic defects except inevitable conditions that are normal to the breed such as cherry eye, loose hips, skin allergies, skin yeasts, skin fungus, lactating patella, elongated soft palate, everted layrngeal saccules, stenotic nares, Brachycephalic syndrome, underbite, inverted tail or inverted vulva and occasional heart murmurs of a 1 -2 level, or IVDD. Warranty also does not cover accidents, infections, or parasites.

$500 deposit will go towards total price of puppy with the remaining balance due on pickup or delivery! Delivery fees apply.